Sheriff's Department

Mission Statement:

"To protect and serve the citizens of Berkeley County through the fair and just delivery of community policing services in a manner that is consistent with the highest standards of performance within the law enforcement profession."

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Vision Statement:

"Through our dedication to the community that we serve and our commitment to professional excellence, the Berkeley County Sheriff's Department seeks to become a department that is known for its responsiveness to the needs of this community and to be recognized as being a true leader among all other law enforcement agencies."

Established in 1865, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department (BCSD) is a law enforcement division which oversees the entirety of Berkeley County, West Virginia. Our team is made up of 67 deputies, lead by the elected Sheriff and his appointed Chief Deputy. The Sheriff is responsible for more than the law enforcement division of the county, also overseeing the County Tax Office, Animal Control Department and Volunteer Deputy Reserve Program


BC MapBerkeley County is the second most populated county in West Virginia and one of the fastest growing areas in the state. With a county population of 123,041, BCSD had 40,000+ calls for service in 2021 and 2022. These calls cover a 322 square mile radius and include things like civil disputes, homicide, sexual assaults, alarms, domestics, motorist assist, child welfare, mental hygiene calls, active school threats, robbery, larceny, gun related calls, civil processes, breaking and entering, burglaries, and countless other miscellaneous needs of the public. Along with these calls, Berkeley County Deputies are responsible for circuit and family court security and act as school resource officers. The Department also had representation at more than 100 community events during 2021 and 2022. In addition to completing these tasks, our deputies make time to stay current on trainings, maintain multiple yearly qualifications with firearms, compose reports for their cases, attend court hearings and trials, and fulfill additional requirements, depending on any specialty or team participations. As you can imagine, Berkeley County Deputies are extremely busy men and women, but each of them displays a steadfast dedication to the tasks they tackle each day.

The BCSD administration made a promise to promote transparency. It is withCruiser at War Memorial that effort in mind we have created an Incident Response Tracking Page to provide real time information to the members of the county. This site is updated daily and will allow you to see calls so you understand exactly what your Berkeley County Deputies are doing to aid citizens and create a safer community for everyone. Please explore HERE to learn more about our calls for service in your neighborhood, and the surrounding areas.

As Berkeley County continues to grow our agency is dedicated to evolving to meet the needs of all citizens. BCSD promotes the idea of a better tomorrow by enacting change today. Our focus daily is on the following to effectively lead the department and county toward a stronger future. 

  • Eradicating Drugs and Dedicating to Citizen Awareness and Education
  • Create Transparency and Grow Community Relationships
  • Execute Safer Highway Initiatives
  • Research and Implement Traffic Enforcement Technologies 
  • Evaluate Policies and Procedures to Insure the Highest Standards and Quality of Service are Provided 
  • Training and Education Expansion for Officer Safety
  • Mental and Physical Well-Being Programs for Deputies
  • Explore Latest and Upgraded Equipment Within LE Industry
  • Department-wide Awareness Training for Public Safety (Ex. Mental Health, De-escalation, Sensitivity)