Quick Response Team

Mission Statement

The Berkeley County Quick Response Team seeks to address the opioid epidemic in the community by providing information, resources, and support to those who have experienced a recent overdose and their families. A large part of the mission is to assist those who seek help in overcoming barriers preventing them from seeking treatment. The Quick Response Team supports the many pathways of recovery without prejudice.

What We Do

The Berkeley County QRT offers several services for those seeking help with addiction. Our Case Manager will offer individualized case management so that all the resources are made available to each person. These services include everything from addiction treatment, housing, and much more. Our Peer Recovery Coaches provide one on one follow up with those who choose one of the many pathways of recovery. The role of the Peer Recovery Coach is to walk alongside the recoveree as they navigate early recovery. The Peer Recovery Coach is an advocate, encourager and someone to help the recoveree to be accountable to the goals they set for themselves. All of our services are provided at no cost.

Timing is Everything

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and want help, DO NOT WAIT! Time is precious, and we are available to help move you forward.