Criminal Justice Board

Authorized by W.Va. Code 62-11C-6, the Berkeley County Community Criminal Justice Board is empowered to develop, establish, administer, monitor, and maintain community-based corrections programs for those who meet the eligibility criteria. Through oversight of the Berkeley County Day Report Center, the Criminal Justice Board works with law enforcement, the judiciary, government agencies and community resources to reduce criminal recidivism rates by providing participants with the opportunity to learn about individual behaviors, acquire needed skills to address problematic issues, and develop life tools to insure long-term success while enhancing community safety. 

By law, the Berkeley County Community Criminal Justice Board cannot have more than fifteen (15) members. All members must be a resident of Berkeley County. Meetings are regularly scheduled for the third Wednesday every other month, unless otherwise posted, at 4 PM.

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  1. Board Members:

    Kathryn A Bradley  
    Erin Gaertner 
    G. Edgar Gochenour
    Jimeca Lyomere
    Cora Kowalski  
    Michael Laing  
    Patrick Patton  
    Harold D Slaughter  
    Catie Wilkes-Delligatti