Planning Commission

The Berkeley County Planning Commission is comprised of eight members. The planning commission meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 6 PM. Among other duties, the planning commission is required to periodically update the county’s Comprehensive Plan, and reviews proposed development for compliance with state regulations and the Berkeley County Subdivision Ordinance. The Planning Commission also submits proposed amendments to County ordinances to the County Commission for consideration.

 Board Members: 

  • Linda Barnhart (President)
  • Tim Lewis (Vice President)
  • Jim Whitacre (Commission Member)
  • Vickana Norton
  • Eric Goff
  • Michael Bush
  • Ronald Truitt
  • Dan Gantt

Authorized by W.Va. Code 8A-2-4, the Berkeley County Planning Commission shall not have less than five nor more than 15 members. The commission is required to develop and keep updated a comprehensive plan for the county. Another major function is the review and approval of subdivisions based upon Subdivision Regulations and state law. The commission also makes recommendations to the County Commission on amendments to ordinances. The members of a county planning commission must fairly represent different areas of interest, knowledge and expertise, including, but not limited to, business, industry, labor, farming, government and other relevant disciplines. One member must be a member of the county commission or a designee.