Berkeley County Department of Information Technology
Division - GIS/Addressing
400 West Stephen Street, Suite 104 ✦ MARTINSBURG, WV 25401 ✦ Phone: (304) 263-5271

Sunday October 17, 2021

Online Request for Address Assignment


    Obtain building permit from Engineering Department

    Stake location of the driveway accessing the structure to be addressed prior to the footer
     inspection by the Engineering Department

    Upon completion of an approved footer inspection, immediately submit the request below to
     Berkeley County Department of Information Technology.

    Receive information of the new address from Department of Information Technology.

These steps must be followed to ensure you receive your new address in a timely manner.

** When checking the status of an address assignment or other related questions, contact 304-263-5271.
     Always refer to the building permit for all inquiries.

Building Permit Number:   

Contact Person:   

Company Name:   

EMail Address:  
Current Mailing Address:   
Phone Number:  
Fax Number:  
Subdivision Name:  
Road that Driveway Accesses:  
Road that Structure Faces:  

NOTE: You will receive a copy of the information sent if you provide a valid email address above.