Inspection Requirements

1. The cardboard building permit issued at the time your permit is approved must be displayed at all times during construction. All new buildings, additions, and alterations to existing buildings require a minimum of four inspections, and a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given to this office prior to each inspection. This department must be notified and inspections made of each phase of construction as follows:

  • a. Footing prior to the placing of concrete or stone (Superior Walls). Grade pins are to be installed and any bulkheads and/or rebar, if required. There is to be no vegetative matter, ice, mud or standing water in the footing. Any new construction requiring a grading permit must have silt fence and stabilized construction entrances along with culverts, where required.
  • b. Foundation and basement wall before backfilling the wall and before preceding with the superstructure. Anchor bolts or straps in place. Drain tile and damp proofing should also be completed.
  • c. Radon/Slab prior to placement of concrete. (To include structural slabs or radon for habitable spaces) Any slab with living space above to have radon pipe set in clean stone #57 or #67, all under slab plumbing to be in place. A minimum 6-mil.-thick polyethylene to be in place with 12” overlap at joints and edges tight to walls. If slab is divided by interior footing then extra radon vents to be set.
  • d. Thimble connections and fireplace throats prior to the placement of additional linings above connections or smoke shelf.
  • e. Rough electrical (See list of approved electrical inspectors).
  • f. Rough-in framing, plumbing and mechanical prior to insulation. (before it is concealed). The rough electrical inspection shall be inspected and approved before the rough-in framing/plumbing/mechanical inspection is scheduled. Plumbing and ductwork roughed in, framing completed, including all firestop. In townhouses using core walls, all clips are to be in place. Shingles and siding can be installed prior to rough-in inspection.
  • g. Insulation inspection. Wall and any ceiling batts to be in place. All penetrations of top and bottom plates to be sealed, chases to be sealed and appropriate fire blocking.
  • h. Final electrical inspection. (To be completed by same inspector as rough electrical)
  • i. Final Grading inspection, if applicable. (In winter months, graded and mulched – all other times, grading shall be completed, seeded and mulched)
  • j. Final inspection when building or structure is completed. Final electrical inspection must be completed and approved prior to scheduling the final inspection. All exterior complete, including gutters and downspouts. All handrails and guardrails in place. The final inspection must be scheduled on a separate day of the final electrical and final grading inspection.

2. A $50.00 inspection fee will be charged for inspections that are not completed or inaccessible for inspection. Please be sure to leave any specific notes of keys being left etc., if needed, with Permit Technicians scheduling your inspections. Items to be inspected are to be ready by 8:00 a.m. on the scheduled date. Any inspection where the required electrical sticker is not present will be charged $50.00 reinspection fee. A time cannot be given as to the inspector’s arrival at a particular site as this is dependent upon many factors. Required silt fencing and construction entrances are to be maintained until Final Grading Inspection. Failure to maintain will result in inspection being failed.

3. This department has the right to reject any work, which has been concealed or completed without first having been inspected and approved by the Department in accordance with the requirement of the various codes.

4. Approved building plans are to be available on the site at all times. Any changes or modifications on the approved plans are to be submitted for review to this office. Any permit change after permit is issued will be charged the base fee.

5. Every permit issued shall expire by limitation and become null and void if building or work authorized by such permit is not commenced within six (6) months from the issue of the permit, or if the building or work authorized by such permit is suspended or abandoned at any time after the work is commenced for a period of six (6) months.

6. Final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained before occupying the building. Due to the processing time required to verify supporting documents and collection of all inspectors paperwork, the Certificate of Occupancy will be issued by the end of the second business day following the approval and documentation of all three final inspections.

Please consider these processing regulations when scheduling real estate closings and/or building occupancy dates. Final building inspections that are rescheduled due to corrections must still comply with these processing regulations.